The benefits of massage therapy can be felt in many ways depending on the type of massage. This can include deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy which treats a sports injury or any sort of musculoskeletal pain.  The person can feel the benefits almost immediately as your range of motion is improved and movements become more freely and has pain is released in the problem area!

Massage therapy is specific to the affected area and can be uncomfortable at first. Due to the depth of the treatment stimulating the nerve fibers as the therapist applies techniques to ‘unravel the knots’ that have tightened. Remedial massage therapy is also very effective at treating injuries. This entails a more complete massage that works with all of the muscles in the body. The remedial massage therapist maintains a firm, but gentle pressure while they work with each of the muscle groups. As each area becomes more relaxed, it decreases the tightening effect that it has had on the next area until eventually the whole musculoskeletal system can work again as one.

This type of massage is successful in the treatment of many ailments including neck and back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tension headaches and countless other problems that our bodies encounter as a result of our daily lives, including the number one, ever present affliction, stress!

Pregnancy massage is a more specialised, the health of mother and baby must be considered given the treatment even in the early stages of pregnancy, which is helpful as it is during this time that the ligaments are softening and muscle spasms are common. However, if she is new to this form of treatment, it is recommended that she wait until the first trimester has passed, as an unusual movement of built up toxins may be problematic.

Massage therapy during pregnancy is at its most beneficial in the later stages when expectant mums are often suffering from lower back pain, leg pain, headaches and sciatica (to name a few). Combined with gentle exercises and stretching, massage can provide great relief during this ‘preparation phase’. Consult with your therapist, as to whether or not they are competent with this type of massage and whether or not they have the pregnancy pillows designed to help position a woman to receive massage treatment comfortably.