Chiropractor - Dr Brett Dellar

Dr Brett Dellar

Dr Brett Dellar

Brett graduated from Murdoch University in WA with a double degree (See “What to do to become a Chiropractor”). After graduating, Brett had the opportunity to start his own clinic in the North West town of Carnarvon with his wife Kim. After developing a successful family-focused clinic in Carnarvon, Brett and Kim jumped at the chance to move to Pinjarra and work within the Murray Region.

Brett uses a variety of chiropractic methods including manual adjustments, drop piece, SOT blocks, activator, ABC, Anatomical Acupuncture, soft tissue massage, Neurolink and kinesiology to name a few. His services include the care of babies and children, sporting injuries to every day wear and tear from 8 days to 88years.

Brett is a board member of the Hands on India charity which provides Chiropractic care to the people of Siliguri in the north-east of India.

Brett has a passion for all things sporting, including his Football (AFL) & cricket, fishing and keeps fit doing some long distance running with the goal of running a couple of marathons.

Chiropractor – Hayley Surgeson

Hayley Surgeson

Hayley Surgeson

I practice based on a patient-centred individual approach empowering people to achieve their health goals. I graduated with a double degree in Chiropractic and Chiropractic Science, and have gained clinical experience in practice nationally, internationally and at sporting events, enabling me to refine and develop my skill set to offer more to patients, creating an effective brand of therapy based on a personal approach to long term results.

My prior experience competing at a national level in both Golf and Hockey led to an interest in understanding the human body, with a focus on the treatment of musculoskeletal complaints. My active lifestyle and sporting experience motivated me to pursue a role in manual therapy.

I am trained in a range of therapeutic techniques for musculoskeletal complaints including Active Release Technique [ART], Manipulative therapy and mobilisation, Graston Technique, dry needling , McKenzie Method, and ROCKTAPE.  I embrace continued learning and am continually updating and furthering my skill set with seminars and assisting in teaching at Murdoch University in the department of Health Professions for the past four years.  I joined Mobility Secret Harbour in September 2021 to provide a service and to work with members of the community one on one to achieve there goals.

I will continue my learning journey this year at Notre Dame University studying Physiotherapy.

Chiropractor - Mario Vinci

Mario Vinci

Mario Vinci

The human body is a fascinating machine. Most things put under stress get weaker and breakdown whereas the body will get stronger and better under the right conditions – the possibilities are endless. I want to help you see that potential in your own body.

I have always had a keen interest in health and wellness, starting my professional career as a personal trainer. I loved helping people reach their health and fitness goals and decided in 2010 to go to university and complete a double degree in Chiropractic Science

Chiropractic has always been important to me. I had my first experience with a chiropractor when I was 12 to help with a neck injury sustained playing football. I know the difference it’s made in my life, and I love that I now do the same for others.

After graduating in 2014, my wife and I packed up all our belongings and moved to Melbourne. What was supposed to be a 12-month adventure turned into a 6-year life overhaul making wonderful friends and taking my chiropractic skills Australia wide becoming a locum. The time had finally come to move back to Perth to be closer to family and start my own, which is how I ended up in this wonderful practice today!

I have extensive experience in a variety of chiropractic techniques, including diversified adjusting, drop piece, Activator and mechanical blocking. I am always looking to further educate myself by attending seminars and reading the latest research on a variety of different health topics. Previously being a locum has allowed me to work in a wide range of practices from inner city to rural and seeing patients ranging in age from 10 days old to a 98-year-old gentleman in Alice Springs!

Outside of work I love to spend time with my wife Amanda and close friends. I am an avid sports fan and follow AFL, cricket, and most American sports, particularly the NFL. I love to play golf and squash, but mostly I love to eat delicious food! You will always see me trying out a new café or restaurant or channelling my inner MasterChef in the kitchen (although my wife would disagree about my cooking skills) - this is why I must be very active and exercise daily.

Practice Manager – Kim Dellar

Kim Dellar

Kim Dellar

I have worked for years in management and administration in a variety of industries holding management and administration positions for over 20 years.  I have a strong passion for organisation and customer service and with these skills helped successfully grow our chiropractic clinic. I am responsible for the daily running and processes of our clinic.

Health and wellbeing are very important factors in my life and I like to share these with others as I can.  I have studied and practiced Reflexology and Clinical Aromatherapy. 

I love the outdoors and sitting with nature at every opportunity.  My other interests include travelling and trying new things.

Chiropractic Assistant – Cindi Herd

Cindi Herd
Cindi Herd

Since 2013, I have had the great fortune of working as a Chiropractic Assistant alongside the dedicated and professional team at Pinjarra Chiropractic.  We all share a common goal and are passionate about health, wellbeing and community.

I found Chiropractic treatment extremely beneficial not long after I gave birth to my first son in 1995.  It has increased the quality of my life tenfold.  I find with regular treatments, I am able to maintain a very healthy and active life.

I have a passion for helping people and "paying it forward" where possible.

My motto in life is: "Be the reason someone smiles."

I enjoy delivering Meals on Wheels each month.  I also donate blood and plasma for Red Cross.  I am a big fan of the old neighbourly tradition of cooking a meal and delivering it to a friend in need.  Variety is the spice to life.  I like to participate in a lot of different kinds of activities such as hiking, biking, yoga and Pilates, but my favourite past-time would have to be walking my 2 Aussie Shepherds; Sophie and Harper.  I love to travel and learn about different cultures too.

It will be my pleasure to meet and assist you.  See you in the Clinic!

Chiropractic Assistant - Michelle Gray

Michelle Gray
Michelle Gray

I moved to Pinjarra from the country 22 years ago when I married a local Pinjarra boy.  After being a regular patient of Brett's for 7 years, I was excited at the opportunity to become one of the Pinjarra Chiropractic team.  All the team have made me feel so welcome as have all the wonderful patients.  I have worked in the pharmacy industry since the age of 16, only taking a break to raise my 2 beautiful children. 

While I loved working in Pharmacy and helping people to get their health on the right track, I have learnt through my own experience that Chiropractic care can really help to prevent and treat a lot of health problems that can arise and that prevention is better than cure.

Outside of work I love to travel, spend time with my family and friends and doing volunteer work.

I look forward to the future and being part of a great dynamic team..